Saturday, 3 October 2009

Kielder Forest

Morning chores eventually done by 2 o'clock this afternoon!
The rain had stopped (ha, ha!) so the Childrens' Mother and I took the dogs to Kielder Forest, partly to look at a house we were interested in and to get some fresh air.  The house looked pretty near perfect so we may have to arrange a viewing.  Not the most convienent location but great looking house with ample land.  A long school bus journey for the girls to the high school, or boarding.  This part of Northumberland is so remote that the kids here can board during the week.  This house is looking even better!!!

Back to the important part of the day, dog walking in the forest.  Time was by now getting on, so just time for a short walk beside Kielder Water on the new 'North Shore Trail' which gives better access to the shore for walkers and cyclists between the dam and Kielder village.  It makes a huge difference and that's coming from one who hates these manufactured trails!
Despite the squally showers and the gale force winds, it was good to be out.  We will have to bring the bikes next  time and explore the full trail round the reservoir.  Back home now to the evening jobs putting ponies to bed etc. only another six months of winter to go!!!
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  1. Oh, good luck with the house, it sounds great! I remember having mixed feelings about Kielder Water when it was being planned/built (I worked for the DOE as a cartographer at the time, had to draw maps of it's projected was just SO huge!)But 25 years on it seems to have settled into the landscape and feels as if it's always been there

  2. The house sounds great - good luck with it! Kielder Water sounds good too. I've never been to that part of the country: I've driven through it often enough but never strayed off the M6 :-( I really must stop and explore sometime.

  3. I promise. It's better than the M6!!

  4. Lovely forest shots. Good luck with the house plans!