Saturday, 17 October 2009


It was the usual round of mucking out etc this morning before I took No2 to a birthday party lunch, (why are children so much more sophisticated today?)  The Children's Mother took No1 to a music theory lesson in Newcastle before some last minute shopping for the German trip on Thursday.

No2 eventually returned this evening having tracked down the only two pairs of the white trousers in the North East that she needs for her uniform!  Some white trainers and the ensemble was complete.
In the mean time I sorted a few household chores and went up to the cottage to put animals to bed. This is the view we have from the top of our fields.  Everyone in our family has lived in less salubrious surroundings and we all think ourselves very lucky to see this whenever we wish.
As the sun was setting I caught this bracken, I just thought it was nice!  Not much time to linger as the horses were yet to bring in......


  1. Beautiful bracken photo, an autumn-coloured silhouette, and you do have a lovely view.

  2. What a lovely view you have.....gorgeous! And you're right, what is it about kids parties now, bring back sausages on sticks and pin the tail on the donkey I say!!

  3. Two lovely shots. Your view is much nicer than mine!

  4. Phew, I finally made it over here and what a joy your blog is proving to be. Horses, dogs, humour ... and your wonderful photos. Though the bracken one does put me in mind of the Triffids...