Friday, 16 October 2009

Starship From The Planet Fungi

Picked some more mushrooms this morning.

Further up the yard drive I found this fascinating fungi.  Its delicate but incredibly structured form is amazing.  About 30mm in diameter, it is almost translucent and quite alien in appearance.

The Childrens Mother and I ate yesterdays mushrooms for lunch and delicious they were too.


 Later, at the cottage I bumped into these two ladies in ernest conversation

"Don't talk to me about the 'Credit Crunch' dear, Have you seen the price of eggs at Waitrose?) !!!


  1. What a beautiful mushroom. It doesn't look edible ... is it?

  2. Yes it is so delicate. Will have to check to see if it is edible, I suspect that it isn't. It seems that most fungi are edible, trouble is that the ones that aren't, kill you!! At least in France you can ask at the pharmacy.

    It's a bit more random here.....!

  3. That's SO pretty....I bet it's deadly, don't risk it! Have a great one!

  4. ps.....the 'word verification' I just had to type in was egglyc, which was apt!

  5. A fine fungus indeed - and a pair of fine hens too... Have a gret weekend!

  6. That is a gorgeous fungi shot. Like the chickens too. Have a good one.