Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Off to work

This evening I have to go back to the UK, and I few minutes ago I said goodbye to No1 daughter and Fredi who are starting work at lunchtime.  This was also the first time that they have gone together on their bikes but No1, who hates cycling, looked so happy as I watched them head off down the road. They won´t be home again until 7 or 8 tonight by which time I will be in Dusseledorf waiting for my flight, so as I watched No1 go down the road, I was also very sad to be leaving her.

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  1. Sometimes I feel the world is just too big. Glad she seems to be enjoying herself. When I was younger, becoming a vet was my dream job. It's not what I pursued in the end but I can understand the appeal of working with animals.