Friday, 23 October 2009

Koln (well almost)

Two days absence due to getting ready to bring No1 Daughter to Germany.  We made it here late last night after quite a good journey and some expert guiding through the excellent German railway system from Dusseldorf Airport.  Thanks Fredi!

The Germans have adopted Halloween in the last few years and a week before the event all the houses seem to be well prepared.  This ´Welcome´ is on the door of the flat below Fredi´s
Fredi is a Veterinary Surgeon here and she has kindly arranged for No1 to spend two weeks in the clinic to gain some valuable experience before applying to Veterinary College in 12 months time.

This is the Klinik, in a large village on the outskirts of Cologne.  I have just left No1 there to become aquainted with everyone before she starts properly on Monday.  I would have to say that this place is just a little more impressive than my local Vet´s!  and everyone is being so helpful and friendly.

We plan to visit Cologne tomorrow (poor Fredi is working tonight!)  so perhaps some more to report then.

By the way.  This is Loki, one of Fredi´s patients who was run over by a car and who she has since adopted.


  1. Enjoy your stay! Do let me know when you're coming to Edinburgh - I'd be happy to buy you a pint :-)

  2. I can leave for the airport in 2 hours!!Cheers!

  3. You'd be welcome in Glasgow too. Pint's waiting for you all over. Mr Duck and I will be in Germany soon too - Berlin in just over a week. I can't wait! Have a good weekend :-)

  4. All the best for No 1 daughter....I've a feeling she's going to love it!!I'm hoping to meet up with Imp and MrDuck in Berlin while they're there (conveniently timed uni fieldtrip!) RE Halloween: I was updating the fieldtrip website today (adding 'places to go' etc), and there's this rather splendid department store, KaDeWe (Fortnum and Masons on steroids!) that has an annual Halloween party....the tickets only cost 160euros....what a bargain!