Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Last Look at Stommeln

After saying goodbye to No1 I had some time to fill before leaving later.  Finish the book I was reading, The Ghost´ by Robert Harris, the first book I have been able to concentrate on in two years of illness, and ´Ésprit de Corps´ by Laurence Durrell.

Lunch and a final walk round the village.

Staying in this clean,tidy and peaceful village, it is easy to forget that it sits in one of the largest industrial and commercial regions in Europe.  When I turned to my left here....

I could see this, one of four huge power plants in the 20/25 km panorama.

The local Mayor even provided a pair of benches at the little crossroads so that we weary travellers could sit and admire!
Still, Stommeln is a very pleasant little village....

Oh, I and not looking forward to the drive from Leeds to Newcastle,  It will be midnight when I get home.....


  1. I hope you have a safe journey Jon. These are nice shots. The simplicity of the top one makes it stand out. I like those benches and would be happy to rest there.

    I know what you mean about reading. I used to finish a book every couple of days but for some years was unable to concentrate on them. I am enjoying reading at the moment. Long may it last!

  2. Very nice shots. I even like the one of the power plants :-)

    Safe travels!