Saturday, 24 October 2009

Samstag Morgen

Saturday morning, all showered and breakfasted.  No1 is settling down to some music theory work in preparation for her exam when she returns home.  I don´t know how she fits it all in!

No1 really enjoyed her first visit to the Klinik, though understandably she found it really hard work coping with the language, she doesn´t speak German, trying to work out the routine, connect new names to faces and most of all, trying not to look too stupid!  She returned exhausted but happy.

We are waiting for Fredi to return from her night shift at the Klinik.  She is late so things must have turned hectic over night.  I think  No1 and I should go to Cologne by ourselves and give Fredi a chance to sleep.
She seems to keep control of her hectic life by keeping notes on the window, but my German isn´t up to translating.

My curtains were open last night and through this window I could see a wonderful clear night sky with Orion and The Plough sitting next to each other in the blackness.

I just liked the contrast in this shot, between the cranes and the church. An early morning picture from the balcony.


  1. Guten morgen! Oh, it isn't morgen any more... Never mind... I like the crane shot too :-)

  2. Nice set of pictures. Well done to your daughter at the clinic without being able to speak German.