Sunday, 4 October 2009

"Lazy Sunday Afternoon"

A lovely sunny autumn morning as I went out early to feed and muck out the hens. 

Ah! The bucolic imagery of the rural idyl.

I shall try and remember this in January in the dark, wet, frost, snow, gales and mud.

No2 daughter is away on an activity weekend with school and will hate me for spending the whole afternoon watching motor sport on the tv.  She just loves Formula One racing and in particular Lewis Hamilton!  I should be attending to the growing list of jobs not lazing around.  Still, there is always tommorrow.  "Traa dy-liooar" (Manx Gaelic)

The leaves on the cherry in the orchard where the hens live have completely changed colour now and will be lucky to last the week. One of the apples has died, several years of de-barking by visiting deer and the the donkeys has proved too much.  I will have to see about a replacement.  On the other hand, the damson has produced lots of fruit for the first time since it was planted about ten years ago!


  1. Love the colours in both these images. Nothing like putting off till tomorrow... No time like the present for relaxing ;-)

  2. My single, solitary apple tree produced sod all this year while trees in adjacent gardens produced pounds and pounds....must have been something I said! 2 lovely shots btw!