Saturday, 10 October 2009

The Move Up

No 2 Daughter moved up to horses today.

She was riding a friends horse while show jumping today.  This is the first time she has competed on horses and only about the third time she has ridden this horse, George.  She did very well, being placed 1st. 4th and 5th in the classes she entered.  Even her big sister was proud of her!!

Sadly, after the days excitement, I had to leave the family and go back up to the cottage to feed animals and lock the hens up for the night.  This is my last night 'house sitting' as my mother will be back from Scotland by tomorrow evening.

At this time of year I always enjoy the short walk back through the orchard where the hens live, to the cottage.  The security light is on and the rear garden is flooded with a lovely welcoming glow.  Inside I know the terriers are waiting for their dinner.......


  1. Well done no 2 Daughter! That's a really nice shot of the house - it does look so welcoming :-)

  2. Both of these are great shots. I love the atmosphere in the garden. Well done to daughter no 2.

  3. That pair up there beat me to it with the 'Well done daughter #2' but it was a great result so no problem with repeating the fact!