Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Nosebleeds and Elderberries

No 2 Daughter had a succession of nosebleeds last night so there was not much sleep to be had.  She looked exhausted this morning so had a day off school.  Neither me or The Children's Mother dared to look in the mirror!  The Children's Mother had to go to work and I spent the day No2 sitting and washing bloodied pillows and duvets.

Not much time for pictures but remembered my camera when I went to the Cottage to do the donkeys and hens and managed a few dismal pictures in the dark! 

This was the best of the bunch (no pun intended!), the birds have just about stripped the elderberries.  Our plans for gallons of wine have passed by and will have to wait till next year. I hope that we remember to collect sloes, our sloe gin of two years ago was let down only by it's lack of quantity!!!

Bed beckons,  good night.


  1. I hope you had a good sleep and I hope No 2 Daughter is OK today. I like this shot - it's odd :-)

  2. Hmm... gin... Hope No 2 daughter stops bleeding. You missed the chance for some good gorey pictures ;-)

  3. Photos of bleeding small person at 1.30am? I think that would be taking the 'art' to far!

    Besides, she would never have spoken to me again!!

    All is well today and she is back at school.