Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Blackbird, bye, bye

Had to take my Mother to the doc's today for an appointment, while I was waiting for everyone to get into the Landrover, I noticed this blackbird sitting in the Cotoneaster on the driveway.  A bit of a departure for me but I am quite pleased with the shot.

Pleased we used the Landrover as by the time I took Mother home, the roads were covered in a fresh fall of un-forecast snow.

All the animals seen to and I can now sit down with a modest glass of Springbank.

Oops!  I wasn't going to mention that!!


  1. What? There's still some Springbank left? Enjoy :-) This is a fine birdie shot!

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  3. LOVE the blackbird, ace shot!

  4. I agree with MONEY. I've always called it cotton-easter for some reason....

  5. I could do with some of your Springbank tonight - I've got a cold. This is a stunning shot of the blackbird. You're right to be pleased with it!