Wednesday, 2 December 2009

The Parcel

To you and I and most normal people, this parcel is ....well   a parcel.

But to a sump oil infused nineteen year old male child, this parcel is .....well 'The parcel!!'.

It contains, I am told, brake discs and callipers from something or other which will fit his wizzy little car, which is something or other completely different.  Apparently the twain shall meet successfully and

a.  Keep him happy for a painfully short time

b.  Stop said wizzy little car more efficiently.

The former is OK as he neither drinks, smokes nor hangs around with loose women, (well there is one but she is at Uni 200 miles away!) and he works quite hard.

The latter is reassuring as he spends 90% of his handsome income making said little car even more wizzy!  The parcel arrived this morning while he was out at, yes you might guess,   Halfords!

As he has an almost dislocated shoulder, I hope that none of this is going to involve me!


  1. I hope he knows what to do with the things inside the parcel (I wouldn't have a clue...) and I hope they succeed in making his wizzy little car less wizzy (when required).

    I'm still chuckling from your comment on my blog yesterday :-)

  2. I must see what you said to sleepyduck yesterday to make him chuckle for a day. I also have a slightly dislocated shoulder - you may well be involved in doing something with that parcel.

  3. I'm guessing you'll be intimately acquainted with the contents of 'the parcel' before you know it!

  4. re yours/re library: I like it, MUCH better than the old monstrosity.....good local history/studies section if you're into that sort of stuff, comfy seats, light and airy and no bans on taking pictures!