Friday, 18 December 2009

More Snow!

More snow overnight but we have still got off lightly.  Lots of minor road accidents over the last 24hrs, when will people learn that snow and ice ARE SLIPPERY!!  I know that we are lucky to have a Landrover but they don't really like ice any more than other cars.

Anyway, that's my moan for today.  Some pictures!

This barn roof took a few shots to find what I was looking for but I quite liked this one.

On the other side of the valley from  the yard these people were enjoying the snow with their dogs and toddlers.

I have used shots of these trees before but they looked so different in the snow that had started to fall again on the drive home.  The falling snow has made the picture really grainy, unfortunately when viewed large you can also see that my telephoto has developed a 'flare'!

I wonder if Santa has a few quid spare this year?


  1. Super snow shots, all of them! If I see Santa between now and the end of next week, I'll mention the lens thing :-)

  2. We could do with a LR at the moment! My hubby has had Land Rovers for the last goodness knows how many years, but unfortunately our Disco is not legal here now and it would cost more than it's worth to re-register etc etc. We keep trying to sell it to Brits, but no luck so far.

  3. I love the middle shot here. Hope your lens can be sorted and that Santa is good to you.

  4. Love them all...but especially the middle one! The snow's even lying at the coast, though it'll probably be more like solid ice in the of the joys of living by the sea!