Thursday, 17 December 2009

The First Snow

At last, we had a fall of snow this morning.

It has fallen wet and very cold, making the chores up at the yard a bit miserable.

Still, it was good to get out with the dogs afterwards and take some pictures.  I love the snow as everything is transformed and the light can be wonderful.

But remember children.......
You have been warned......!


  1. Lovely! Those hay bales look like icing covered swiss rolls!I'm waiting for a camera that can be operated with thick gloves on!

  2. Very nice snowshots. We've had the first snow of the season too...

  3. There's been plenty of it but not a lot of lasting evidence at the coast.....bloody chilly wind off that sea though! Great shots, love 'em!

  4. This looks lovely but I could imagine the chores would be pretty awful in it. I love the snow too though. It's always a shame that it doesn't lie in a nice clean form in the city for any length of time. I love the light and also the way it muffles sounds.