Tuesday, 1 December 2009


I woke to a frozen world today.

The cars were coated in ice and and defying entry!  Once they were open they wouldn't close!  Frozen fingers and now, late for school children.

On the way back from school I stopped at Hexham and took some pictures of the Egger plant.  If you have some wood composite, British made furniture, it probably started life here.  Situated 25 miles from Kielder Forest and close to the A1M and the M6, this controversially located plant manufactures huge quantities of wood composite materials.

In this sort of light I find it strangely beautiful, though I fully understand that it's overlooking neighbours may not!


  1. I can see the beauty in that place and in those shots of it.

  2. Lovely shots. It looks like what was seen as futuristic in the sixties and seventies if you know what I mean.

  3. The perfect place to shoot a new version of Quatermass! It's always struck me as such a strange addition to what is otherwise a small market town.