Thursday, 24 December 2009

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve and it was snowing unexpectedly this morning.  The day started as always with a run up to the yard to do the horses, on the way home we passed a shooting party on Allendale Estate, the beaters looked nice and warm and the guns looked frozen.  Social order restored!!!

Every Christmas Eve, The Children's Mother and the children meet up with their cousins and go to this isolated church, St Oswalds at the appropriately named Heavenfields, where the children's paternal Grandfather was Vicar some years ago.  Both Grandparents are now buried here and the family get together and remember.  While I am not directly involved and have no religious persuasions, it's moving to witness this gathering.

Normally, the views to the north from the church are stunning but this afternoon, the snow was wet and the view foggy but non the less impressive.  Somewhere up there is Scotland.

Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves,  and the children (even the twenty eight year-old!), built a snowman, and we all retired to the pub for a late lunch.

I hope that there is more snow next year...!

Happy Christmas everyone!!


  1. It's great that 'remembering' brings everyone together. A very merry christmas to you and yours Jon, have a great one!

  2. Super shots :-) Wishing you a fabulous Christmas!

  3. These are gorgeous shots. Can you see me and the duck waving to you from Scotland. Merry Christmas to you and all the family. Have a good one!