Sunday, 20 December 2009

We woke to frosty morning after further snow overnight, not too much but enough to make life a little awkward for all the jobs that had to be done first thing.  Two lots of horses to do, in opposite directions from each other!

Ten minutes fighting my way into the Landrover and I could drop the girls and their mother off at one yard and get myself to the other.

When the jobs were done I had the reward of a walk with the dogs and the chance to take some pictures.

Similar to yesterday's 'Keepers Cottage'.

I noticed the brown in the hedge bottom and decided to leave a bit of colour in the finished image.

The same scene as the top picture but a different shot and the landscape format, transforms the end result.  I couldn't decide which shot I preferred, so you have got both!


  1. They're all stunners Jon, but if you forced me to pick it would be the top one.....that's special, it makes a great companion piece to keepers cottage.

  2. I like all of these a lot but like Mo, I'd choose the top one as a favourite.