Friday, 11 December 2009

Fog and Frost

At our house close to the River Tyne, 400m I guess, it was misty and cold this morning but as I gained height up the hill, the mist turned to freezing fog.

It was cold!
But after a couple of lean days on the photo front, the light was wonderful.

Horses sorted, I made my way up to my Mothers cottage after an 'emergency' phone call.  The hens were frozen into their house!

The Children's Mother delivered the hen house door a hefty blow and the hens rushed out into the cold sun which was burning through fog at this even higher level.  The liberator of hens vanished into the cottage for coffee while I cleaned the ark and walked the dogs.  A few shots of the frosted leaves and I went indoors to thaw my now frozen fingers.


  1. These are gorgeous shots. The light is magical. I love being out on days like that so long as I'm well dressed for it.

  2. The photos of the trees in the fog are wonderful. I've been sitting here trying to decide whihc is my favourite. I think the second but only just...

  3. Stunning shots Jon.....just lovely!

  4. Beautiful Jon! Love the monochromatic quality of number 1 and the lovely light on number 3. Number 2's not bad either!;-)