Monday, 28 December 2009

Snowy Kielder Forest

It was a glorious morning here in Darkest Northumberland, No1 daughter was spending the day beating so we decided that as the youngest was going to her father's house we would take the opportunity to get out for a short walk somewhere.

Kielder Forest it was!

It was a cold drive in the Landrover as it was below freezing all the way there. I can never understand why, considering that they were designed to survive all that nature could throw at them, Landrover didn't see fit to install a proper heater!

It has been a while since we have been for a walk but it seemed that The Children's Mother had forgotten how to wear her wellies!

Eventually she got the hang of them and off we went.

The reason that I wanted to go was to see this view of Kielder Reservoir, spectacular!  The shot is taken from beside the Skyspace Artwork.

The Skyspace artwork is designed to view the night sky from within, through a large hole in the roof.

We are planning a flanking manoeuvre to get the girls up here one night to see the stars.

Inside the Skyscape, The Children's Mother was starting to rebel, mind you, it was very cold up there and it hadn't been the short walk with the terriers that we had planned.  Even the dogs were staring to look miserable. (Mind you the snow was deep and they only have little legs!)

Only time for another quick shot or two and I had to admit defeat, it was turning dusk and time to go and get the horses in.

It was freezing hard by now.

By gum, this Springbank is good...!


  1. Beautiful. The skyscape looks great - I've heard about those but didn't know there was one down your way. Glad there's some Springbank left :-)

  2. I have to admit, I've never quite mastered the art of wellie wearing. It looks like you caught Kielder at it's chilly best....great shots all!

  3. Kielder looks really beautiful. I love all of these shots but especially the top and bottom ones.