Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Tuesday, and still breathing!

Had to go and rub noses with the Doctor yesterday.  Apparently I am still alive, so that's a bonus with Christmas coming up!

Looking west up the Tyne Valley from near where we live, I love the soft light in the distance beyond Hexham.

It's that damn tree again!

I have discovered the cause of the flare in these shots, there is a tiny chip on the inside of the objective lens.  Looks terminal.


  1. The long shot is super. We're staying in Hexham next May so will look out for the return angle!Flares haven't troubled me since the late 60's.

  2. These are great shots -especially the top one. I'm getting quite attached to your tree too though. Glad the doc says your alive.

  3. Super shots - and yes, I'm getting quite attached to the tree too :-)

  4. Love that top one, layers upon layers upon layers! Congratulations on the 'alive' thing, but commiserations on the lens!

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