Friday, 4 December 2009

Morning, New Moon

It was a lovely bright, crisp but not frosty morning.  On the lane up to the yard I was lucky enough to spot a shot I had been looking for for a few weeks, but the incessant rain had thwarted my efforts.  The bonus of a full moon descending was unexpected!

Tonight at the yard there was a wonderful, almost harvest moon rising, I rushed back to the car to get the camera as the shot was damn near perfect, moon, trees, buildings.  No camera, I had left it at home!

Oh well, there is always tomorrow.


  1. That's a super shot. I'm looking forward to the other one... just be sure to remember the camera next time...

  2. That's a's fab biggified! re yours: No, sadly the Spanish City is long-gone as a fairground, but they've kept the dome and the seafront facade...they're currently being refurbished as I know not what, they keep running out of money and backers though so it'll be a long process!

  3. This is lovely. I love the colours in this one.