Saturday, 26 December 2009

Boxing Day

After feeling lousy all day yesterday,  just too tired I think and didn't even get to see my Ice Age DVD!  I was determined to get out in the fresh air today.  I had to go and see to the donkeys late this afternoon so I took the opportunity to go for a short walk up on the moors with the dogs.

On the edge of Slaley Forest, at the top of a steep hill where I parked the Landrover, (diff-locks required today!)  the moors looked just too tempting despite the lateness of day.  A quick shot of this frozen pond then on to the moor.

Up on the the high point between the forest and Blanchland Village, I can see the lights of Consett, where I was born.  A famous steel town until 25 years ago, it was once the highest industrial town in Britain at just less than one thousand feet above sea level.  Today?  Well......

I didn't hang around long, it was a bit chilly and I still had the the animals to do.

Sorry folks but the Springbank is mine, HANDS OFF!!

Hope you all had a relaxing day!


  1. Just love that top one...fantastic! I'm planning on getting back to normal today.....too much rich food has taken it's toll.....

  2. That's a beautiful shot :-) Enjoy your Sunday.

  3. These are beautiful shots - especially the top one.