Tuesday, 25 May 2010

All This, and Grass Cutting Too...!

In order to preserve my sanity I spent the morning watching all the current series of "Outnumbered" on I-Player, I feel much better now!

I dashed up to the cottage to check the donkeys and hens and get the lawns cut before the forecast rain tomorrow.   It was a fairly dreary day with not too many opportunities for pictures so when I saw these two plants I took my chance.

 Cornflower   Centaurea montana

Orange Welsh Poppy   Meconopsis cambrica


  1. The top one's a cornflower... is it, I'm not sure? How I wish we could watch I-player, but they clock our IP and you're not allowed to view if you're outside the UK.

  2. @Jan. I am not sure that it is a Cornflower but it is sometimes known as "Perennial Cornflower"

    The jury is out....

  3. These pictures are excellent. I love the two of them together - they contrast in both colour and bulk if you know what I mean.

    Sleepyduck bought me the first season of outnumbered as a present ages ago and we'd never got around to watching it till he saw an episode and enjoyed it. We watched the first episode last weekend and liked it.

  4. Hello, I'm sitting in the hospital waiting for the magic going -home paperwork to arrive, and your flowers are making me weepy. Think I need a decent plate of non-hospital food and a good talking to. xx

  5. @Jan, I have been checking and yes it is a Cornflower!