Sunday, 2 May 2010

From The Riverbank

Late this afternoon after a particularly uneventful day, I went up to the cottage to see my mother and the animals.

Jobs done, I took the dogs for a walk up the field and down to the burn.  For the first time I stopped to look at some of the plants growing beside the stream, I had noticed one or two in the past but I thought I would have a better look.

In the order of discovery.

Wood Anemone

I had never realised we had these growing on our land and was really pleased to find them though I was surprised to find them on the wet bank of the burn.

Opposite-Leaved Golden Saxifrage

We have quite a few of these here though The Children's Mother who identified it for me says that they are not too common.


A common plant round here but we don't seem to have that many at the cottage, these ones had closed up at this time of evening but when open are a vivid yellow.

Forget Me Not

When I was very young these were very common in our garden  at home.  These are probably wild but could have been from cultivated seed dropped by birds.


These Iris will have certainly been washed down the burn from the lakes at the nearby Victorian/Edwardian country mansion, Slaley Hall, during a storm.  I have no idea which they are but I will try and keep an eye on them, I have never seen them flower but I will keep an eye on them.  Perhaps I will transplant one to dryer ground and see if I can get some flowers.


I am not sure how these gorgeous Primroses got here, they could be wild but am not at all certain.  I will have to put the expert on the case.....

All these pictures were taken with the little Samsung.


  1. And all I've got is a bumper crop of dandelions......sigh.....

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