Saturday, 29 May 2010


The Children's Mother and I went to a friend's wedding reception last night at Alnwick Castle.

The wedding and reception were held in the castle garden in front of the magnificent water feature and fountains. Unfortunately it was almost dark when we arrived so no pictures of the fountains but I did grab a shot of the Tree House Restaurant.  Yes there is a wonderful restaurant in this brand new, multi million pound rickety old tree house!

The surprise of the evening was the wedding cake!

Yes, it was cheese ( and delicious!)

My camera ran out of battery after this shot so you will have to trust me that the bride looked radiant and wore the most beautiful, simple but elegant dress I have seen!

Congratulations to Elizabeth and Chris, have a wonderful life together.


  1. A coincidence indeed! ... and tomorrow I will post a picture off ...ask Jon!

  2. A Wedding Cake on a Bed of Brie! Wonderful!

    Do they have to add steps as the tree grows upwards?

  3. I've heard of cakes like this, but never seen one, fantastic!