Saturday, 1 May 2010


A am constantly fascinated by the way things I see every day of my life differ day to day.  I is always the effect of the light which makes the difference, often dramatic or curious.

I pass this old slurry tank most days.  I used another shot a few weeks ago but this one is completely different and it is purely the light.  The right side is the sky and the left is the reflection in blue paint!  This is a straight shot but the deep blue has disappeared.

Bywell Home Farm was looking wonderful in the evening sun, the field of Rape has, all of a sudden come into bloom.  The evening light really lifted the picture.


  1. Thanks for the prod Jon.....I've been really lazy about the blog for weeks and weeks (too scared to check exactly HOW long!) but I've posted a random picture this morning and I'll catch up on everyone out gallivanting with the family soon, my birthday (don't ask how old, let's say the bus-pass isn't far off!) and catching up on my nephew just back from Afghanistan.....alcohol might be on the menu....

  2. Ooh - I like that top shot. Top shot! Thanks for giving Mo a prod :-)

  3. Great shots. The rape field looks beautiful but that stuff makes me ill. Hayfever season in full swing!