Friday, 21 May 2010

Weeds (perhaps)

I was all set to title today's post as "Weeds" until I asked The Children's Mother what the first plant was called, I was convinced that it was a weed.  She tells me that it is in fact a type of Euphorbia and was planted by her Mother.

A weed, she tells me is only a plant that is growing in the wrong place.  The euphorbia was growing out of a box bush so I guess that it qualifies!

Euphorbia  griffithii

Euphorbia  griffithii

Dandelion -  Taraexacum  officinale

The dandelion, I think we all accept, is a weed....  In this case, a rather pretty one..!


  1. Love the before and after euphorbia photos!

  2. Even the dandelion is not always a weed. A friend of mine came back from Holland with a packet of dandelion seeds. The leaves are good in salad and the root roasted makes a coffee substitute. It's a diaretic hence, when I was growing up, we called them "Pee the beds". I once saw a paperweight that had a dandelion clock encased in glass. I thought it was quite amazing.

    I didn't know I had so much to say about dandelions... Well there you are...