Monday, 24 May 2010

No Shorts Day!

What a change in the weather?  My shorts were abandoned by 10.30 this morning!  Some of us Northerners are just not as tough as we used to be....

On one of the few trips I made into the garden today I spotted this tiny viola which had self seeded into a joint in the flags on the patio, more punishment for my poor knees.

Also in the garden is this pretty little Campion.

Up at the cottage tonight, the various Clematis are laden with buds bursting into flower.  Another week and the show will be dramatic.


  1. Ah, nature's glory in a garden supreme!

  2. It's like Chelsea Flower show your blog Jon. I'm toughing it out with shorts down here - no going back!

  3. Ah what a pity, but the UK often has a short hot spell at this time of year... if I remember correctly lol! But then I've hardly worn my shorts yet, it's still tick season!

  4. It is amaizing how flowers can grow between stones - they always seem to find a way to grow :)