Thursday, 6 May 2010

There once was a little pinky....

It looked all tattered and torn  (but the nice doctor put it all back together again!)

Now that will keep The Children's Mother quiet for a while, or at least the next ten days!  The Doctor asked if the children would be able to help their Mother with a few chores.  That raised a wry smile on her face.......

While we were at the RVI in Newcastle I took a couple of pictures, one of a new wing of the hospital and one of the old university building.  The contrasts in style are considerable.

This afternoon, up at the cottage I took this shot of the plum blossom.  The rain and light have combines to make the petals almost transparent.


  1. I bet she's right-handed too!

  2. Ouch, that finger looks sore! That plum blossom is a splendid's drop-dead gorgeous!

  3. ps......and the 'verify you're a human' word was apt!