Thursday, 27 May 2010

Day Trip to Newcastle

I had to take my car into the big city this morning to have it's Mot test, so I delivered it at 9.30 and spent most of the day wandering round Newcastle, filling in time and taking some pictures.  As a result you are all spared more photos of flowers today!   (But tomorrow is another day!)

I thought it would be nice to just use architectural shots for this post and have used some pictures of iconic buildings in the city.  They are in order of construction.

The old Co-operative Society bonded warehouse on the Quayside, now a Malmaison hotel.  date unknown

The Tyne Bridge   date 1928

"River God Tyne"  by David Wynne,  Newcastle Civic Centre   date 1967

The Sage Arts Centre, Gateshead   date 2004

The car passed with flying colours, I am exhausted!!


  1. I like the River God! Here you drive your own car through the MOT, which is done at a special centre and not at a garage, stopping at each section and pressing brakes, switching lights on etc. Very quick and excellent system.

  2. Great shots of interesting buildings, especially the Sage Centre which I'd heard a lot about but not seen before. Good news about the car, too.