Tuesday, 11 May 2010

The Darling Snows of May?

Well not quite but as I was out this morning strimming the orchard, it was snowing!

As usual when staying up at the cottage, I got up fairly early to let the hens out, check the donkeys and give the dogs a run round the fields before breakfast which is eaten at the moment while watching the political too-ings and fro-ings on the BBC news.  Gets my juices flowing and my teeth well ground for the day ahead!

Second trip outdoors is to clean the henhouse and collect eggs (they are a bit quiet at the moment) and give the dogs another run.  I usually carry my camera this time and today was a lovely sunny morning.

More shots (and hopefully better) of my old favourites on my mother's little piece of Britain.  The Wood Anenomes, that I have been trying to get a decent shot of since I discovered them and below,  the georgous, delicate,  little Violets which have increased dramaticaly since last year.

The clump of Primroses which is surviving in the protecion of the fallen branch.

And once again the Plum blossom.

I used the Samsung for all of these shots and as I am finally getting used to the way it works I am quite impressed by the way it handles some subjects.

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