Tuesday, 18 May 2010

More Flowers on a Sunny Day

We woke to a glorious sunny morning.  A certain three or possibly four loads of washing and drying sort of day.

What else could I do?  Out into the garden with the camera, so you are getting flowers again!

Exochorda - 'The Bride'

Prunus laurocerasus  (Cherry Laurel)

Blue Bells!

Euphorbia robbiae

Four loads of washing and the lawns cut too. What a day, what a man!!

I would like to think more of a man than the ex Government Ministers who it seems pushed through such huge last minute spending that senior civil servants demanded written confirmation of the instructions.  An almost unprecedented move on the part of the Civil Service!

Thanks Minister......


  1. There's nothing wrong with giving us more flowers - these are lovely. I especially like the last one.

  2. ..and we get a Latin lesson too. What a coincidance the last minute spending was in marginal constituencies.

  3. congrats on all your work completed!
    you have some gorgeous flower portraits here!